New York City Will Extend Its Indoor Smoking Ban To E-cigarettes

E-Cig Debate: Smoking Bans and Second Hand Exposure

E-Cig second hand nicotine

Since then, New York smoking rates have dropped significantly, and a 2007 study in the American Journal of Public Health concluded that there were eight percent fewer hospital admissions due to heart attacks in the year immediately after the bans adoption. However, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, have become an exponentially more popular smoking method in the decade since the original ban. E-cig sales have doubled every year since 2008 and are likely to hit a new high of $1.7 billion in 2013 . Council members who supported the new indoor ban pointed out that behavior could be harmful for impressionable children who see people smoking inside. Reliable data on e-cigs safety are scarce , too.
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The researchers wanted to find out which smoking cessation methods were the most successful.So, they analyzed the responses to survey questions answered by more than 10,000 Britons who had tried to stop smoking over the prior year. The results showed that smokers who use services provided by smoking cessation advisors, oftenoffered byhealth care organizations, have the best chance of successfully kicking their smoking habit. The study also points out that over-the-counter therapies, such as the nicotine patches and gum, alone might not be as beneficial as they may think. Those who try to quit smoking using a combination of specialized behavioral support ,along with anti-smoking medicine or nicotine replacement products, are three times more likely to be successful than those who try to stop smoking on their own. (Graphic: CDC via Wikipedia Commons) In fact, the researchers found that smokers who only use over-the-counter smoking cessation aids , without the help of a trained advisors, have the same rate of success as those who didnt use any of those quit-smoking products at all. When you think that stopping smoking saves six hours of life for every day of smoking avoided, investing an hour or two over a 6 week period to see[a] stop smoking advisor seems like a good investment, said Robert West from University College London , who led the team of researchers.
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Want to Quit Smoking? Seek Professional Help

Health experts say smoking can be hazardous to your health (CDC via Wikipedia Commons)

A new study has found that nicotine is still released from the vapors, although the nicotine that is released is 10 percent less than regular cigarettes, with no other chemicals released compared to burning tobacco. The data that was published in the journalNicotine and Tobacco Researchcontained two studies from three different brands of E-Cigs. Scientists evaluated the emissions from the E-Cig vapors while a smoke machine smoked the cigarettes. A second current research project also showed that E-Cig smokers are not as safe as they thought. This study showed that E-Cig users actually puffed more often and inhaled deeper, resulting in more nicotine absorption than they would smoking a regular cigarette. Thus, higher nicotine intake may be a potential risk for E-Cig users. Both studies it show that there is a lot more to learn about the effects and risks of the smoker and those around them.
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New York City’s Smoking Ban to Include e-cigarettes

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Their popularity was outpacing the regulation and legislation at least until now. The FDA is looking to regulate the devices like tobacco products, and the CDC says what comes out of e-cigarettes is less toxic [than a real cigarette], but its more toxic than breathing clean air. The American Lung Association takes a it might be harmful, but more research is need stance: Also unknown is what the potential harm may be to people exposed to secondhand emissions from e-cigarettes. Two initial studies have found formaldehyde, benzene and tobacco-specific nitrosamines (a carcinogen) coming from those secondhand emissions. While there is a great deal more to learn about these products, it is clear that there is much to be concerned about, especially in the absence of FDA oversight, says the organization. Heres what the legislation says: Electronic cigarette devices have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for smoking cessation and are currently unregulated by the FDA.
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