Nhs Told To Stop Turning ‘blind Eye’ To Smoking

Electronic Cigarettes: New Route to Smoking Addiction for Adolescents

Staff should also stop helping patients out of their beds to go for a smoke. And patients who smoke must be identified and offered help to quit, the guidance added. It said nurses, doctors and other staff could give brief advice and then refer smokers on to NHS stopping smoking services. Smoking rates are particularly high among mental health patients with one in three smoking, rising to 70% in psychiatric units. That compares with the one in five among the general population who are smokers. The guidance, which is voluntary for the NHS to follow, even suggested staff caught smoking should be disciplined.
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Smoking ban in Boston parks likely to take effect

That means along with it will come an increase among tobacco-related, smoking-related diseases in an environment where health systems are already significantly over-stretched because of infectious diseases like malaria and HIV, said Blecher. While adult smoking among both among men and women is low in Africa, he pointed out thats not the case with youth. We found that African children smoke at comparable levels, and sometimes even higher than other developing regions of the world, particularly Asia. Whats driving this is unclear, but it must be because of significantly more aggressive tactics from the tobacco industry itself. But, also its in an environment where children arent protected from advertising, marketing in the way that they are in places like the United States, explained Blecher. In addition he said,–that while smoking rates are lower in Africa than other regions, it doesnt mean there is no variation in smoking patterns within the continent. On the one hand, weve got a lot of countries with really low smoking prevalence, like Ghana for instance, or Nigeria, said Blecher. And thats compared to countries of very high smoking prevalence like South Africa or Mauritius, which have prevalence more similar to what we see in the developed world. But, what we do know is that smoking is declining in those markets like South Africa and Mauritius, and increasing in markets like Ghana and Nigeria. These other markets which have smaller smoking prevalence are more concerning to us because these are places with much larger populations, which creates a situation where we expect both the number of smokers and smoking prevalence to increase dramatically over the next generation or two, explained the senior economist. Blecher attributes the decline in smoking in countries such as South Africa and Mauritius to very strict tobacco control policies like advertising bans, smoke free areas, and very aggressive tax policies. Tax policies are critically important in environments where incomes are growing rapidly, because as incomes grow, everything becomes cheaper and more affordable, including cigarettes. So you need for tax policies to be able to ensure that tobacco products are not becoming more affordable. So in a country like South Africa where weve seen tax rates increase dramatically over the last 20 years–weve also seen smoking prevalence plummet. Twenty years ago, 33 percent of South African adults smoked, and nowadays only 20 percent of them smoke. Its a result of deliberate action, rather than luck, said Blecher.
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Report Warns Future Smoking Epidemic Among African Youth

BBC News reported in 2007 on a Archives of Dermatology study, showing even after taking into account other hair-loss risk factors like age and race, heavy smoking (at least 20 cigarettes daily) raised the risk of baldness. And a 2011 study showed that smoking, stress, drinking and genes were all risk factors for baldness, WebMD reported. Your Mood Will Improve Here’s a pretty good benefit: Stopping smoking could make you a happier person, according to research from Brown University. Researchers there found that smokers were never happier than when they were quitting smoking, even if they went back to smoking afterward. According to a news release:

The most illustrative and somewhat tragic subjects were the ones who only quit temporarily. Their moods were clearly brightest at the checkups when they were abstinent.
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NHS told to take action on hospital smoking

People shouldnt be discriminated against because they smoke. If people are outside in a public park, they should be free to smoke. But Dot Joyce, a spokeswoman for Menino, said there remain other public spaces where smokers can have a cigarette, such as sidewalks. She and others said they hope the ordinance reduces the visibility of marijuana in public places, after voters last year approved a ballot referendum that legalized marijuana for medical use. Whether its cigarette or marijuana smoke, it can be harmful and send the wrong message to young children, she said. That was not persuasive to Nelson Peguero and Michael Evans who exchanged drags while relaxing on a bench on the Boston Common Tuesday morning. They were less than enthusiastic about the newly passed ordinance. If you cant smoke here, where can you smoke? said Peguero, 29, who lives in a homeless shelter.
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Smoking patient

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San Rafael Smoking Ban, Strictest In The Nation, Goes Into Effect

View gallery NHS staff must clampdown on smoking within hospital grounds and get rid of smoking shelters currently used by workers and patients, the government’s health adviser said Wednesday (AFP Photo/Martin Hayhow) London (AFP) – NHS staff must clampdown on smoking within hospital grounds and get rid of smoking shelters currently used by workers and patients, the government’s health adviser said Wednesday. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence also urged nurses not to help patients out of their beds to go for a smoke and instead suggested they offered smokers advice on how to quit, although all of the recommendations are voluntary. NICE public health director Mike Kelly accused the NHS of turning a “blind eye” to the habit. “It has been tolerated by the NHS and it is high time that stopped,” he said, although none of the recommendations are compulsory. “NHS hospitals and staff have a duty of care to protect the health of people who use or work in their services,” he added. Health
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