Cure Your Headache – Naturally

Complimentary Headache Screenings Now Offered at Accelerated Physical Therapy

Aromatherapist Alison Parton says: ‘When essential oils are massaged into the body, or added to the bath, they are infused into the blood stream. As they enter the circulation system, they act as a natural painkiller. ‘They also work on the olfactory – or smell – system. When you breathe in oils, this triggers the central nervous system to act on the property of the oil.’ Essential oils for headaches: Roman Chamomile: As an effective anti-inflammatory, Roman Chamomile acts as a muscle relaxant. Lavender: When infused into the blood stream, Lavender acts as a natural pain reliever. Clary Sage: Good for hyper tension, Clary Sage slows down the heart rate. This is turn lowers blood pressure and prevents any build up of tension.
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Her latest attack was in October 2012, a migraine that lasted an entire month, she said, until she received 10 Botox shots at the Headache Center at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. “Since then, I’ve been able to stop the migraines before they come,” said Haake, referring to the use of prescription medication that prevents full-blown migraine attacks if taken in time. Migraines run in Haake’s family, dating back as far as her great-grandmother. “It’s a hereditary thing,” she said. Family history is a significant component when diagnosing migraines.
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Research, medication offer hope to headache sufferers

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Davis Medical Center warning that If an employee fails to report to work on one or more days between May 20 and 23, their absence will be considered unauthorized, they will not be paid, and they may be subject to disciplinary action. (The union alleges the university espoused specious arguments that strikes would be illegal as a way to intimidate workers out of participating, and then withdrew its legal charges to that effect because they were bogus.) Asked about the allegations, the strike and Napolitanos role, the university referred Salon to a series of recent statements, one of which charged that even the threat of an AFSCME strike has already affected patients, including the rescheduling of elective surgeries, and said that it had proposed several packages that showed significant movement in response to the unions concerns and offered multi-year wage increases, affordable healthcare and quality pension benefits, which AFSCME rejected. AFSCME countered that as in May, certain critical employees would voluntarily stay on the job under the unions Patient Protection Task Force. In another statement, U.C. vice president Dwaine Duckett said that the university asked AFSCME-represented employees if they planned to come to work, as is our a normal procedure, so we could adjust staffing as needed and ensure we could still care for patients during the strike. AFSCME contends that the university violated several legal limitations on such conversations. AFSCME and U.C. administrators have been in negotiations for over a year and a half. The university has blamed the lack of an agreement on AFSCMEs resistance to pension changes, while AFSCME has blamed the universitys rejection of proposals it says would improve patient safety. We have made major concessions on many of our proposals, including wages and retirement benefits, in hopes that they would respond to our safety proposals, said Thrush.
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Victor Valdes Injured: Barcelona Given Another Headache Thanks to Injury

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With a save percentage of 84 percent, the Spanish international currently has the best goalkeeping record in La Liga. Valdes pulled off arguably the save of the season so far against Real Betis , which has drawn comparisons to Gordon Banks ‘ remarkable save during the 1970 World Cup against Brazil. Barca were under a lot of pressure at 0-0, and shortly after that save was made, it was Barcelona that made the breakthrough. They ran out 4-1 winners in the end, but it was Valdes’ save which sent them on their way. He also pulled off an excellent 90th minute save back in August away to Malaga , which earned his side all three points. His performance in the season’s first “El Clasico” made us briefly forget the severe mistakes he made in the same fixture in previous seasons. The most important of which stopped Cristiano Ronaldo from equalising before Barca bagged their second to seal the win.
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Napolitano’s newest headache: “Outright bullying” and “patient deaths”


20, 2013 CHICAGO, Nov. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –The holiday season is upon us. While many Americans are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with loved ones, more than 180 million headache sufferers are dreading the thought of loud crowds, travel delays and family squabbles which aggravate their symptoms. (Logo: ) To help sufferers during the peak headache season, Accelerated Physical Therapy is offering free headache screenings in their Chicagoland area centers. From November 15, 2013 through December 31, 2013, Accelerated physical therapists will provide complimentary headache screenings to help sufferers better understand the source of their headaches and obtain information on how to seek treatment. A headache screening is performed by a licensed physical therapist and includes an assessment of your medical history, neck range of motion, posture, and joint mobility as well as a discussion of headache triggers. Cervicogenic headaches affect between seven and nine million Americans and are often misdiagnosed because the symptoms can mimic migraines or tension headaches. The screening will determine if your headache is cervicogenic. These types of headaches are caused by your neck structure and alignment and can cause pain in other areas. Typically, cervicogenic headaches result from dysfunction in your discs, stiff joints, or an injury to neck muscles and/or ligaments. However, pain can also be caused by an excessive amount of stress to the neck and spine as a result of a current or prior injury, poor posture and/or muscle tension. Accelerated physical therapists are extremely proficient at treating cervicogenic headaches and can relieve pain, improve neck function and restore your quality of life. If necessary, our physical therapists can also refer you to a physician for further evaluation.
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